Chorgle News: 0.1

Hello Chorgle users. I am Loog Noog, your news anchor for Chorgle. Today, we will be going over recent events on Chorgle, and giving you relevant about it’s creator, Timotainment. We have much to discuss, so please, take a seat, and eat your forks, as we sloonk our way into the news.

Chorgle has been public for approximately 3 days. Over that time, it’s userbase has grown exponentially. We went from 7 users to maybe 30. I don’t know. In order to make sure Chorgle continues growing, please make sure let Chorgle invade and take control over your bodily functions in order to keep afloat, and allow it to spread to fulfill the prophecy. Failure to do so will result in scronching of the brogle.

We asked a professional if Chorgle will ever grow to overthrow Reddit or 4Chan. Here is what he said.

“What? No. Chorgle is too small to dream that big. Way too small.”

-professionalman, circa 1904 colorized

Take a look at these 1 and 1 oneth reasons why he is wrong about this statement.

  • chorgle has many articles about brogle
  • yes

We left the rest of the news in the .txt file. Tune back into Chorgle News next week for more Chorgle News.

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  1. B R E A K I N G N E W S
    We’ve just received word that a hacker by the name of Teh Gool Goon just leaked teh spoon prophecy, whoch wasn’t supposed to go public until $/@)/@)!(.
    In other news, spoon

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