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    1. close enough to my name. i have been summoned. my car set on fire so im 5 hours late

    1. Have this object in certain of the shape of a 3d version of a circle which tastes unknown and will be given to you, the genderless/genderful boy or girl living being made of atoms and was born by your mother.

    1. I have tried both of this cone-bent shaped fruit that tastes like hot food but gives you a tingly sensation that is called “spicy” as the common term and a tree-shaped-plant or vegetable that is only the color green.

      1. Unleess, of course, it is a chew pêpper from the 845th dimension, as chewing is allowed with those kinds. If it is a pepper that is completelY different, then the vegebal council of boar will surely banish you from the delight of chewing peppers.

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