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  1. Hello my name is Chugnus (that is my username) and i have made my account with the yousername Chgunus so that i can tell you:


  2. Ther are ¿¡ reezons why chimps go stail, including but not limmitted to:
    1) Hummidity of the local umpdraft. Excess hummidity causes chimps to go stail, while Lak of hummidity causes stailness of chimps
    2) Temporal anomalies that occur randomly
    3) Helmut
    4) Helmut
    5) Increasing chimp time out of chimps bag
    e*π) Helmut

  3. anything that has air to it too long goes stale. It would be awesome if they never did but not possible

  4. it is not real cheeto
    It is actually a 7,473,738th dimension stale poison rod, disguised as cheeto. You should call the Flying Baguette Squad to nuke your house to get rid of any 7,473,738th dimension poison left.

  5. Chips go stale because they’ve gained too much moisture. That’s because chips lose most of the moisture inside them during the frying process, creating a crunchy network of starch molecules. Those molecules are hydrophilic, meaning they attract water from the air around them

  6. it stale because you have yet, but are still eligible to become a member of the Superior Entity Lifeforms™

  7. ? is’th incapable of the action you perpendicular individual life forms refer to as ‘caring’ about the particular predicament you have swan dived into.

  8. My good gentlesir, I do believe in all of my wisdom that the confection that you have recently consumed was not the snacc you believed it to be! We all believed the chippe was a Cheeto… But the true identity of the chippe? meat chip

  9. Remove the oxygen from your chiphs and everything should run smoother than sandpaper

  10. Cheeto facts

    Cheeto fact 1: Cheetos come in 3 species: dark, spicy, and wet.

    Someone mistook our other facts for Cheetos, and ate them.

    Join us next time as we talk about

    L A M P

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