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  1. You Become a member of the Superior Entity Lifeforms™

  2. See what you do is you ascend into a higher being

    after that you realize you can do any thing

  3. To make spoon pilot, put a spoon in a plane.
    (Don’t crash it into a building)

  4. I know that you can get a spoon from a shady Albatross that I know. Don’t complain to me if he steals one of your kidneys in the process.

  5. You can get it from a shady Albatross that I know of. Don’t complain to me if he steals one of your kidneys.

  6. you can find the spoon pilot by downloading the Piranha Plant Smash Bros. dlc (only the dlc, not the actual game) and then shove the end of a spoon into your Switch’s charger

  7. Word has it they hid the pilot in a pocket dimension outside of the space time continuum. You’re gonna need one of the newer splongolizers to access it.

  8. Try Wal Mart, they have many cutleries- though, I doubt they are wise enough to understand the spoon.

  9. If the people here were allowed to make posts themselves, this could become a new surreal meme hotspot.

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